Keep Gettin’ Them Checks 2017

As the NBA All-Star Teams are announced I find it appropriate to recognize another group of players. Players who have succumbed to father time’s will,  yet made the decision to play in spite of this. Gaining the moniker “veteran” and  following the great mantra of Jalen Rose, these men have decided to “keep gettin’ them checks”. In honor of Gilbert Arenas and those who follow him, here is the third edition of the Keep Gettin’ Them Checks All-Stars. Feed them kids and pay those bills gentlemen. 


Minimum of 31 years old

Guards: <5 PPG, ❤ APG, <4 RPG, <1 SPG <1 BPM (Jacque Vaughn Standard)

Forwards <5 PPG, ❤ APG, <6 RPG, <.7 BPG, <1 BPM (Brian Cardinal Standard)

Centers < 5 PPG, ❤ APG, <6 RPG, <.7 BPG, <1BPM (Jason Collins Standard)


CJ Watson PG (ORL)

Wizards v/s Bulls 02/28/11

CJ getting minutes as a starter because Derrick Rose destroys his body yearly. Credit: Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons

Paid Like: Tony Allen

Numbers Like: Greivis Vasquez

33 2.6 13.2 1.4 6.2 -5

Playing on what looks like to be the next SuperSonics, Watson has gone from solid back up to watching Elfrid Payton and Jameer Nelson try their hardest. At least he has a front row seat.

Steve Novak PF (MIL)


Steve Novak was the best NBA shooter in this picture. Credit: Scott Mecum via Flickr

Paid Like: Brandon Bass

Numbers Like: Georges Niang

8 .6 2.8 16.7% 1.4 -13.2


Remember when Steve Novak made as many threes as Durant? Remember when he led the league in three point percentage? He was poised to replace Mike Miller as America’s favorite old white guy with a sweet three point stroke. Heavy lies the crown, too heavy for him.

Jason Terry SG (MIL)


Jason Terry during the year where he was killed by LeBron and resurrected as a Frankenstein creation . Credit: Gennaro Masi via Flickr

Paid Like: Raymond Felton

Numbers Like: Sheldon McClellan

37 3.2 17.3 1.3 7.1 -2.4

It was only a matter of time. The Jet is slowly descending. Success at 39 in professional athletics is waking up with minimal pain and requiring minimal treatment. One of the last five players still in the league who was drafted before Y2K. As he once said though:“Jet love the kids”. He does. Enough to get this direct deposit.  

Mike Miller SF (DEN)


Mike Miller receiving advice on how to destroy his body as much as possible.

Paid Like: Anthony Morrow

Numbers Like: Pat Connaughton

7 1.7 5.1 .9 11.4 -3.3

He rose from the grave through extensive rehab in an effort to steal get his crown back from Kyle Korver. The stroke is there, but the numbers aren’t. The question now is what are his aims? Is he grooming Danilo Gallinari as his protege?

Udonis Haslem C (MIA)


The bulldog in his heyday. Credit: Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons

Paid Like: Thabo Sefolosha

Numbers Like: Deyonta Davis

14 1.9 7.9 2 9.6 -4.6

Toughness is a quality that now seems to be highly underrated by general managers of teams today. Just like the NHL, enforcers are a thing of the past. But relics should be treasured. For being the last of a dying breed, I salute you UD. You got your rings, now keep getting them checks.



Marcelo Huertas PG (LAL)


Marcelinho before he was eligible for this team. #GoMarce Credit: Gerard Reyes via Flickr

Paid Like: Mitch McGary

Numbers Like: Tyler Ennis

19 2.6 10.5 2.5 9.2 -7.1


This man came into the league eligible for this team. His play confirmed his membership. Averaging nearly a turnover a game, the former Shaqtin MVP candidate, is one of three members on the Lakers’ roster born before 1985. Despite his penchant for embarrassing plays, this man still maintains a roster spot. #GoMarce

Paul Pierce SF (LAC)

Paul Pierce Injury

Paul Pierce in a position he will continue to occupy for the rest of his NBA career.  Credit: Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons

Paid Like: Will Barton

Numbers Like: Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot

12 3.8 12.3 .2 4.3 -4.9

KG left. Ray Allen left. You couldn’t take the hint could you? You had to go chase a ring in L.A didn’t you? You had to have your family and friends close didn’t you? Join the other members of the Boston Three Party on the other side. Join them in obscurity and being the center of 10-day contract rumors, like Ray, or at the analyst table, like KG,  (You had fun with Jalen didn’t you?).

Sasha Vujacic SG (NYK)

Sasha Vujacic

Sasha running from his true headband self. Credit: Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons

Paid Like: Rodney Hood

Numbers Like: Malik Beasley

23 2.2 8.5 .9 7.5 -4.1

I miss the old Sasha. Wearing the headband Sasha. Remember what Kobe got ya? It was a ring Sasha. I hate the new Sasha. The limited threes Sasha. Still in the league Sasha? Knicks you should leave Sasha.

(If you’re on the Knicks at this point I’m just going to assume you’re only in it for the money).

Anderson Varejao C (GSW)


Rumor has it Andy plotted his betrayal in this exact moment. Credit: Erik Drost via Wikimedia Commons

Paid Like: Al Jefferson

Numbers Like: Miles Plumlee

G PTS MIN LeBron Betrayals PER BPM
11 1.2 6.6 1 9.5 -0.6

I don’t know how LeBron chooses who he likes but when he does he gets his guys. This man, Mike Miller, and James Jones have made their lives to roll with him. Except Varejao betrayed the player/coach/GM/mafioso boss and suffered a finals loss because of it.

Alan Anderson SF (LAC)


Alan Anderson playing on his world tour. 

Paid Like: Clint Capela

Numbers Like: Shabazz Napier

16 3.1 11.5 .5 4.4 -4.9

He’s been on a world tour all across the land played in each and every country with a ball in his hand. New York, Crotia, Israel, China. Unfortunately the New York stop was with the Nets in the last two seasons. His current stop is on the Clippers.

For next season I’m on the lookout for the following players to be on this team for the first time:

Tony Parker

Andre Iguodala

George Hill

Beno Udrih

Taj Gibson

Arron Afflalo

Brandon Rush


Bobby Bonilla Hall of Fame Nominees

The following men have embodied the true spirit of the mantra “Keep Gettin’ Them Checks” in the manner of the greatest check collector ever: Bobby Bonilla. Here are the nominees to join the inaugural class alongside Gilbert Arenas.


Elton Brand

Washington Wizards v/s Philadelphia 76ers November 23, 2010

Credit: Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons

Paid Like: JaMychal Green

After playing on the Clippers, when that meant something completely different, this man has earned his money. I’m happy he’s getting it from their modern day equivalent: the 76ers.


Caron Butler


Credit: Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons

Paid Like: David West

Shoutout to the man name “Tuff Juice” who managed to finesse the most dysfunctional NBA team into paying him while he racks up no mileage on his body. Though he is not on the level of Bobby Bonilla and the GOAT Gilbert Arenas, his veterans’ minimum will do him very well over the next three years.


Yi Jianlin

Washington Wizards v/s Denver Nuggets January 25, 2011

Credit: Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons

Paid Like: Bobby Brown

Will he ever play in the NBA as much as he does the CBA? Probably not. Will these NBA checks still keep clearing? Definitely yes.


Anthony Bennett


Anthony Bennett the moment he realized Dan Gilbert made a huge mistake. Credit: Jeremy Rincon via Wikimedia Commons

Paid Like: Justin Holiday

The youngest to appear on this list, but just like the Hall of Fame changed its rules for Shaq so shall we for this finesse lord. His youth does not detract from his ability to collect checks. He faked it and he made it. The checks from the Nets are real though.




Kaepernick’s protest gets the remix it was always going to



Based on the way people are reacting to Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem and confusing it with disrespect for the nation’s military and everything the flag stands for, I feel like I need to break some news to y’all.

Sources familiar with the situation are indicating that it’s just not that deep, fam.

As a matter of fact, here’s a handy graphic showing you how deep it’s not:



What’s happened here is pretty clear. People, white people in particular, have ignored the statement Kaepernick was trying to make regarding the way black people are treated by the police and decided to have the red herring discussion of how disrespectful he was to the military.

I’ve even heard the argument that by not saluting the flag he is disrespecting everyone who’s ever fought defending. This argument has been circulating unironically, as people neglect to realize that part of what our military tries to defend is the right to do things like peaceful protest. And apparently Kaepernick comes from the Rosa Parks school of thought that says the best way to peacefully protest is to sit your black ass down while the white people around you lose their minds.

But the timing of this is interesting, as there hasn’t been any one incident of excessive police violence that has recently dominated the national conversation. Maybe Kaepernick just went down the depressing-ass Youtube rabbit hole of police killings that I refuse to go down myself and came out with a new perspective. However he reached his enlightenment, the decision to address it the way he did shows a level of fearlessness on his part, a fearlessness that was not shared by his teammates as they all responded with some variety of “he’s entitled to his own opinion.”

But while his teammates at least didn’t do anything stupid like  forget Kaepernick was black or revealing yourself to be a resident of masta’s house, there doesn’t appear to be too much support for someone who has been very clear about what he is and is not taking a stand against when asked by the media that surrounded his locker after the third game of the preseason.

People are still looking for ways to make the flag into some untouchable symbol beyond criticism while pretending the Star-Spangled Banner is the hottest track ever recorded.  Let’s be real: that song is in desperate need of a remix. Maybe Desiigner can do some ad-libs. Have Funk Master Flex throw in some bomb drops over “the bombs bursting in air” part of the song. Dr. Dre can remix the national anthem to build anticipation for his forthcoming album that never comes. Beyonce and hologram Whitney Houston can team up on the vocals. Big Sean can spit a fire verse at the end, only to be upstaged again when Kendrick spits his verse. DJ Khaled can say something ridiculous and patriotic as the song fades out. (“They don’t want us to dump the tea in the harbor, so we dumped the tea in the harbor. That’s a major key.”) If we do this right, this can be the hottest posse cut since “We are the World.”

The idea of having a full on remix of a national anthem is ridiculous, if for no other reason than hologram Whitney Houston would sing Beyonce under the table and cause wars to break out in the hashtags on Black Twitter as the old heads argued with young bucks about who the better singer was.

However, turning Kaepernick’s stand for justice into an opportunity to get into an irrelevant debate about his respect for the country and the military is equally ridiculous and not nearly as funny.

One of the more interesting debates that has emerged from this is the discussion of whether Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality has failed. It’s too early to tell if it has failed, but if it does, it will be because his message was purposely mangled by those who would rather pretend to care about the troops more than they actually do than discuss the reality that a large segment of the populations views traffic stops as near death experiences.

I was originally going to write a really serious piece in which I would dismantle the thinly-veiled racism that surrounds the “shut up and play” narrative that has been used to  discredit Kaepernick’s peaceful protest. If black people hadn’t been experiencing this since the days of Jack Johnson, I’d be more surprised and feel more compelled to talk about this without the jest.

I was even going to relate my own personal story about how San Francisco’s finest tried to jam me up one night, and the only thing that kept me from going to jail was the receipt I had in a shopping bag that proved I was where I said I was. (Shout out to Patrice O’Neal for teaching me how to prove my innocence.)

But, since we arrived at such a familiar place with Kaepernick’s protest, a discussion of the quality of our dated national anthem seems much more appropriate.

If Kap is anything like me, maybe he would feel better if a song that represented his black experience was playing. I bet we can get him to stand for the black national anthem.


God’s all right


The One True God enjoying a day on the ass-whoopin’ farm (Credit: Getty Images)

Luis Suárez scored a hat trick.

Let’s just get this out of the way now. Luis Suárez scored three total goals against Real Betis in Barcelona’s 6-2 thrashing of Real Betis. And two of them were really, really, REALLY great goals! The kind of goals that that reaffirm his status as the best striker in the world, a truly singular talent who can do everything from the number 9 position. We’ll talk about them a little bit more later, but these were honest-to-goodness goals that make you shake your head at just how special Luis Suárez is and go, “Oh, this is same son of a bitch who won the Pichichi last year; the guy who drove Liver-fucking-pool to the brink of a Premier League title in the year of our Lord 2014.”

But we’re here to talk about Lionel Messi. Even while Suárez was operating at peak levels of devastation, this match was about Lionel Andrés Messi. In a game where his sudamericano counterpart bagged three goals, the mite-sized Leviathan from Argentina offered up an exhibition in singular genius. The modern legends are exalted for their ability to merely breathe the same air as him. The past heroes were prophets preparing us for him. He is the One True God.

Just look at this shit, man.

Yeah, it’s almost 13 minutes, but it’s almost 13 minutes of Messi, and Barca as a whole, beating the brakes off of a mid-table team. On La Liga’s opening day, the Blaugrana opted for a tour de force. You wanna go through each play and slobber over just how stupid this team, spearheaded by the g r e a t e s t p l a y e r o f a l l t i m e, is? Well, that’s just what we’re gonna do.

Let’s break it down by timestamp on the video. I added some videos of select plays, because apparently WordPress is some haters and don’t want me to prosper and use GIFs anymore. The videos aren’t clean in terms of there’s too much cushion on each side sometimes, to which I say, fuck you, I tried hard as hell on these shits.

Oh, yeah, the football.

0:20 – And so La Pulga kicks off this highlight video with one of the Messi motifs: the cross-field diagonal ball to the opposite forward/fullback. He’s made this a specialty since Neymar and Suárez have come into the fold, shifting the balance of the field after attracting too much attention to his side. When two of the world’s five best players joined him in Cataluña, the 5’6″ goalscoring machine became the best passer in the world, cause I guess that’s a fun thing to do.  Here’s the situation right before Lionel uncorked his pass:Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.11.33 AMFor those of us struggling with colorblindness/arithmetic, that’s eight Betis players, although two are just rushing back. There’s six Barca players in the mix. Aaaand then this happens:

That’s just Messi using his left foot to simply send a 40-yard ball to a sprinting Jordi Alba, who subsequently sets up Arda Turan for easy buckets. I don’t even know anyone else who attempts this pass with any regularity (please, inform me; this all carries the Karl Don’t Know Dick caveat). Messi does it multiple times a game with all the effort of a slightly-more-than-mild sneeze.

2:15 – Messi plays a quick one-two in the box before getting his shot blocked. After the block, the ball lands back at his feet, and he responds with a right-footed rip kissing the crossbar. Not the best defending by Betis, letting him make a run and get open after the pass, but it wasn’t like there was a lack of effort on Messi’s part. That’s just another part of just how complete he is: he can dribble around 100 people, shoot your fucking eyes out, and even at the size of a promising tween, he has a mastery of the penalty box. Even if he doesn’t get on the end of each cross with his head, he finds space to get on the end of balls during Barca’s dizzying exchanges and slot them home.

2:44 – And we have our first La Liga goal of the season from el genio de Rosario. Look, I don’t know why they gave him any space right outside the box. We’ve seen this a million times. It’s another of his motifs: get the ball in the right channel, go middle, skip past one/two/seven dudes, and rip a shot to the far post. I mean, easy for my ass to say it as I eat jambalaya. Everybody knows it’s what he wants to do, but it ain’t so easy to stop. Usually the shot has a bit more finesse, but this time he just hits the dick out of the ball. Goalie doesn’t have a chance in the fucking world, man.

3:53 – Hold on, this is Suárez’s first goal. Dude, that shit ain’t no goddamn joke. A cross on the ground flying at his feet, and he one-times it with his laces *across his body* for a perfect laser to the far post. That’s really some “Hey it’s like me and three other people that can do this” type-shit. Luis Suárez is the best striker in the world and a true joy to watch. Most other days, a goal like that, along with the rest of his day, would be the lead story. But this ain’t one of those days.

5:01 – Hahahaha I love Arda Turan so much. After being the baby star on the Euro 2008 Turkey squad and him humming his shoe at the linesman during open play, he is unimpeachable. On this play, Messi gets set up nicely in the middle and does *the* classic Messi shot with designs on curling it far post. However, Antonio Adán made a great save, although not enough to stop it altogether. No worries, Antonio, Arda’s there to try and clean up the ball rolling toward the net and get called for being offside. What a guy. (I am very happy Turan is getting a chance to shine in Neymar’s absence and doing well; he’s brilliant)

5:42 – Another strong, curled shot that Adán somehow turns away. Really, the main story here is just how sharp Luis Suárez is. He gets the ball, plays it out wide, and immediately gets a one-touch pass headed back to him. BUT, he somehow understands Messi is on his other side running onto it, and lets the ball roll to him for the shot. Suárez really can do it all. He has strength on the ball, he can dribble past guys (and DEMORALIZE them), he can finish with the best of them, and he’s got a special understanding of how to work with teammates. I am so glad he has gotten to play with Messi, just to give the GOAT a center forward who sees the game in the same way as him.

6:21 – The little fucker tries a ridiculous lofted pass, which is thankfully snuffed out by Betis (thankfully because you have to throw hands if he does that to you). Barca immediately presses, and Messi goes into perro mode and gets the rock back. He immediately skips past one guy, draws the eyes of the entire Betis defense, cuts to get enough space, and sets up Denis Suárez for a beautiful shot in the middle of the box. He’s all alone, but the ball is lofted and a bit behind him, so he has to pull some scissor-kick-ish shit. All things considered, Suárez does well with the ball, although it goes straight to Adán for a comfortable save. But another play by Messi, getting around multiple guys and setting up a teammate in space. Water wet, Jupiter large, Messi good.

7:01 – Genius. That about covers it. I’m perfectly fine with the doctor who gave Messi hormone therapy winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine every year for the rest of his life.

Barca clears a Betis corner, and it ends up at Messi’s feet with three quarters of the pitch ahead of him. He carries it, carries it, gets near the Betis box, and at this point one of their defenders decides, “Well, fuck, can’t avoid this anymore,” and gives it the old La Liga try. Well, Messi slaloms past him, passes it outside, then beats *three* more guys with a diagonal run into the box. Upon receiving it, he sends a perfect weighted ball across his fucking body, across goal, to give Luisito a tap-in. It helps having teammates who facilitate your greatness, but Messi’s singular genius concocts a goal out of this. The pace, the dribbling, the off-ball movement, the perfect pass: when players have TWO of the skills shown here, they are marvelous, world class talents. Meanwhile this asshole just corks out a PCP hallucination every other time he gets the ball.

8:38 – I mean, I’ve seen this a million times before, but it’s still refreshing to see Messi hitting ’em with the laces. Maybe this he’s gonna try more power shots all year, just cause he’s bored and needs a new challenge, a la Larry Bird playing left-handed.
And now for the reason the title of this fucking blog is what it is: I was legitimately worried about Messi after this summer. After the heartbreak of the Copa America, where Messi, with the weight of Argentina’s voracious hopes taking an extended rest on his back, skied his penalty kick to fucking Venus, I was worried. He quit the national team! He was so broken after all the disappointment in his nation’s colors that he was ready to walk away (or, it was a leverage play to push for organziational change within the AFA, but don’t fuck up the narrative, here, man. We’re spinnin’ yarns, fool) from it all.

Then, he came back with that blonde ass hair, and I was certain: he’d finally snapped. He had a breakdown after the constant shit he gets in Argentina, what with being the best player in the world, but never being able to secure a trophy for his homeland outside of the Olympics or youth levels. No matter how brilliant he is, no matter how well or not well his team played, an excruciating tournament final loss was around the corner, because life doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings. The questions popped up all over again: “why can’t he be the same player for Argentina that he is in Spain?” “Why can’t he be like Maradona?” I hate speculating on psychological bullshit concerning athletes, but I (did it anyway cause I’m a prick) thought it all finally pushed him past his limit.

Well, I guess he’s all right. He’s back in the national team fold, having not missed one Argentina match. His blonde hair, while still unsettling, sure looks good when he scores. The effortlessness of this instep drive betrays a guy who’s back to doing what he does best, what he does better than anyone ever: sliding around the tackles of defenders who even know they’re done when they go for the challenge, hitting passes all over the field, and slamming shots home from every angle you can think of, and some you can’t. And then smiling when his little plan that subverts the rules of football the rest of us humans have to follow all works out.

9:47 – Again, the motherfucker is just relentless, bruh. A Barca pass goes astray, so Messi figures he’ll just go and get the ball back, thank you very much. Ball acquired, he plays it out wide and breaks toward the box in one motion. He receives a pass back, because you reward the little Large Hadron Collider project come to life when he bursts into space, and he one-times a shot, only to be blocked again.

10:13 – Okay, here’s Suárez’s third goal. WOO, boy, that is a fucking free kick and a half. Again, these are goals that only world class players can pull off. Unfortunately, Luis’s buddy picked Saturday as the day to reassert his status as galaxy class. Still: Suárez’s goal ain’t nothing to sneeze at. Reminder: their other star, the other guy who’s one of the five best players in the world, isn’t even back from winning his country gold in the Olympics. How Barca are allowed to have this triumvirate of hellfire is beyond me.

11:40 – And one for the road. Messi heads a ball back to Suárez, cause he can do that too, I guess. He eventually gets the ball back in a sliver of space on the edge of the box. His first touch takes him to more space inside, he avoids a sliding tackle by millimeters while maintaining perfect balance, and feeds a perfect weighted ball to Digne, who gets stymied by Adán. He’s turning precise, perfect execution into the routine.

By my count, Messi had seven shots on goal, with two of those resulting in goals. Real Betis had six total shots. As a team. Not on goal. They only had two on goal. So, that’s a bit of a disparity (Barca had 30 total shots and 12 on goal as a whole). He also had the beautiful assist to Suárez, and two more tantalizing chances created for other teammates. Oh, and there was that hockey assist to Alba to set up the first goal. There is no spectacle quite like watching Lionel Andrés Messi tie a pocket watch to his left foot, hypnotize the entire match and exert total control over it for 90 minutes. The defenders follow his every move until he feels ready to dispose of them. The physics of the game bend to his will. The crowd groans with terror or roars with joy, depending on partisan interests. He creates what he wants, either for himself or his teammates. He is in charge of this universe, so our job is to just figure out if he’s a benevolent overlord.

Lionel Messi is back in our lives, and he’s doing all right. Let’s enjoy it.



Don’t worry about Anthony Davis

Since he didn’t make an All-NBA team and won’t get that Derrick Rose rule money, people are a little bit down on Anthony Davis.

With his play and having a heavy influence on the success, or failure, of the New Orleans Pelicans, the trend of his play should be examined in light of his recent retrogression. Davis’s season should be looked at through a historical lens, put up against of other players who previously achieved similar productivity to Davis during his 2014-2015 season. I performed an analysis will try to see if there is a need for Pelicans fans to worry about their burgeoning superstar, or if it was a fluke season.

The group of players that I prop Davis up against is quite elite company: players who obtained a BPM of 7 or higher in a single season. There are only 33 other players who have managed this level of play. This group consists of many Hall-of-Fame players (David Robinson, Magic Johnson, etc.), current superstars (LeBron James, Kevin Durant, etc.) and players who maintained high success for brief periods in their careers (Mookie Blaylock, Andrei Kirilenko, etc.).

As FiveThirtyEight pointed out in this article, Davis’s drop was one that was highly unlikely to occur and nearly unprecedented. Fans may find solace in recognizing many of the names in that chart. In fact a few of the players were included amongst those who posted a BPM of 7 higher in a single season during their career (Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Blaylock). However, two of the three, Wade and Paul, were as a result of missing a fourth or more of the season due to injury. Blaylock on the other hand played nearly all of his team’s games that season seeing minutes in 73 of 82 games.

Davis also has some company when it comes to the timing of his drop in BPM. Of the 14 players who managed to have a BPM of 7 or higher in third year of their career nine out of fourteen saw a decrease in that number at the end of their fourth year. However Davis sits atop this list.


Player Season BPM BPM in Previous Season Difference
Davis 2015-16 2.2 7.1 -4.9
Robinson 1992-93 6.7 10 -3.3
Hill 1997-98 4.8 8 -3.2
Carter 2001-02 4.1 7 -2.9
Jones 1977-78 5.1 7.7 -2.6
Durant 2010-11 2.9 5.1 -2.2
O’Neal 1995-96 3.5 5.4 -1.9
James 2006-07 7.4 9.3 -1.9
Westbrook 2011-12 3.2 5 -1.8
Olajuwon 1987-88 5 6.6 -1.6
Ginobili 2005-06 6 7 -1
Johnson 1982-83 7.4 8.3 -0.9
Duncan 2000-01 5.4 6.1 -0.7
Barkley 1987-88 9 9.2 -0.2


So the question then becomes are the numbers in Anthony Davis’s four year career more indicative of a future career path of a talented role player who exceeded his talent for one season, or is it one of a hall of fame player who will go on to dominate an era? Is Anthony Davis Mookie or Hakeem?

To try to decide which is closer to the truth I plotted the BPMs of all 33 players (including Davis) through their first six seasons (if possible*) to find a trend amongst the data. The overall trend was upward and Davis’s individual trend line closely resembled the line but had a lower significance level as well as coefficient. With the chart below you can compare Davis’s trend lines to other individual players first six years. Play with it after you click the link.


BPM of Great Players Over Career Years


When you look at each player’s line of their first six years when plotted against time by actual year (rather than year of career), Davis’s line seems to coincide with a pattern seen in many other player’s first six year plots: a peak followed very quickly by a steep decline. Continue playing with my charts.


BPM of Great Players Over Time


It appears that many players who are destined for eventual Hall of Fame careers go through growing pains through the first few years of their careers. This is true of every nearly every player on the list, save that of Blaylock. Blaylock’s career was one of steady progression and then a steep decline according to his BPM numbers. In his first few year  This trend is seen in no other player’s first six seasons.

When you consider the fact that Davis has just now recently come clean about his nagging injuries that he has been playing through it makes his decline even more understandable. Davis seems to be headed for a career closer to that of CP3 than Blaylock (thank goodness).

*BPM data for Bob Lanier, Julius Erving, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is not possible to attain for the first few years of their careers because the statistic of steals was not kept at the time.

Canelo Alvarez isn’t here to box, he’s here to win


When I texted one of my good friends to ask what he thought of the match up between Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto he told me that fight would hinge on the footwork of the two boxers. He said “Canelo has cinder blocks on his feet and has terrible movement.” He also said that if I were a betting man, which I am, that I should put my money on Cotto to pull the upset.

I went against his advice and I’m slightly richer for it.

My friend was right, though. It was clear from the opening bell that Cotto’s plan was to dance around his flat footed opponent all night. Cotto out boxed Alvarez for the entirety of the bout. If boxing was like figure skating and the judges were looking at the purity of the technique, Cotto wins all 12 rounds.

But boxing is mostly about inflicting damage. Those cinder blocks that were attached to Alvarez’s feet were apparently attached to his hands too because everything that he landed, landed hard. Cotto was looking real nice with his own quick combos but nothing he landed really seemed to phase Alvarez. Alvarez would get hit with a couple of hooks and jabs, shake it off, and get ready to come forward again. But Alvarez was landing those punches that make you reevaluate your life choices.  Cotto got hit with one of those uppercuts in the late rounds and you could see him thinking, “Damn, maybe I should go back to school and get my bachelor’s” When Cotto was eating punches in bunches during an intense exchange in the 8th round it looked like he was making retirement plans in his head like, “I wonder if HBO would hire me as analyst when my career is over. I speak better English than Roy Jones Jr anyway”

Alvarez had the overall advantage in percentage of punches landed but absolutely  dominated in the power punch category landing 40 percent while Cotto was only able to land 14 percent.  Numbers like that have me questioning the sanity of Freddie Roach.

The scary part about what we saw from Alvarez is that he doesn’t need to try to box with his opponents. He tried to box with Floyd Mayweather and Mayweather had him swing at air. (Except for that one time where he made really solid contact with the ropes.)

This version of Alvarez knew his limitations and stayed in his lane. He doesn’t have footwork. He just kinda walks towards you and looks to land hay makers like he did against James Kirkland.

The best part of that highlight is when the ref says “show me something,” to Kirkland and Kirkland gets slept and does his best impersonation of someone with narcolepsy.

The people who doubted Alvarez thought that a superior boxer would pick him apart. But when he’s making up for his lack of footwork with above average head movement, taking advantage of his 70.5  inch reach, and landing his power punches with accuracy like he did against Cotto, he’ll be damn near unbeatable.

He’s not overly technical and now he knows he doesn’t have to be. He’s like Rick Ross, he ain’t trippin’ on the technical parts of his style too much.  He’s just gonna make sure those hooks hit hard.


Kaepernick gets his chance to chill


Its official. Colin Kaepernick is on vacation. He got demoted to back of quarterback just in time to really get turnt up for his birthday. He may be on the sidelines watching Blaine Gabbert while nursing a hang over. If you see him on the sidelines wearing sunglasses sipping Gatorade then you know what he did with his birthday weekend.

And he’d better enjoy the break while it lasts because as bad as things look for him now, he will be back by the end of the season.

The issue with Kaepernick isn’t one of physical talent. Ron Jaworski caught a lot of heat for his praise of Kaepernick but his analysis wasn’t completely baseless. We’ve seen the flashes of brilliance. We saw him bolt away from the entire Green Bay Packers defense like his name was Usain just two years ago. We saw him lead the team to three NFC championship games and a Superbowl. He’s got the tools to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He’s just forgotten how to use those tools and being knocked around by one of the worst o-lines in football isn’t gonna help him remember any time soon.

The general line of thinking is that if the 49ers are making a move like this, then the coaching staff and the front office must think that Blaine Gabbert is a better option to help this team win. Maybe this is me being a 49ers fan and giving the coaching staff too much credit, but they can’t possibly be that stupid. Its not possible that anybody even half way mentally competent looked at Option A that used to work and thought that the solution to the problem was to go with Option B that has never worked. Whats Gabbert about to do to show you that he deserves that job more than Kaepernick? While you think of possible answers to that question enjoy this Blaine Gabbert music video.

If you came up with an answer other than, “Gabbert isn’t an NFL caliber quarterback,” in those three minutes and 53 seconds  then there’s a good chance you’re related to him.

Whats actually happening here is that Kaepernick is getting a break. He’s a  badly beaten boxer who’s been given a standing 8 count. Gabbert is in a situation where the front office and the coaching staff has made his job to lose. And because he is Blaine Gabbert he will find a way to lose this job by doing typical Blaine Gabbert stuff. (The coolest of the Blaine Gabbert stuff obviously being that he cussed at Brian Cushing while running out of bounds.)

People are calling this the end of the Colin Kaepernick era and I can’t blame the sports columnists of the world for jumping to that conclusion. Robert Griffin III lost his job to Kirk Cousins in Washington and Jay Gruden is making every excuse to justify this choice. But the bias against Kap in San Francisco isn’t as strong as the bias against RGIII in Washington. All Cousins has to do is be white and not be Robert Griffin. Gabbert’s excepted to actually look like a legit starting quarterback. Since its impossible for him to pull that off we’ll see the bicep kissing QB back  by Christmas. Which will be just in time for that Kap to get off the stool and throw his punches at the end of the season, for better or worse.

The Suits and 40’s mixtape tour: NBA players and their rapper counterparts Part 4

 There’s always been an obvious connection between the NBA and the world of hip-hop. The music is played in the arenas, the players have it on in their headphones pre-game, and Lebron James is out here singing Fetty Wap off key on the sidelines.  After years of watching the NBA, and after years of wishing the And1 Mixtape Tour would come back to ESPN, I’ve noticed that there a lot of players in the NBA who actually remind me of some biggest names in hip-hop. Continue reading