Peterson takes a stand against discriminatory play calling

All Day

Adrian Peterson and Drew Brees practicing a trick play where they actually run the ball for once.

There were a bunch of significant and not so significant gestures of protest this week in the NFL but one player who knows injustice first hand is finally speaking out.

You would think Adrian Peterson’s experience as a black man in America could give him reason to sit on the bench during the National Anthem with his teammates. He could have found even more motivation to protest when that dude with the strange orange glow got elected president tweeted that any anthem protesters should be fired on the spot.

But to simply look at those two things as an explanation for his protest is ignore other current events. Peterson can handle can handle the casual racism he likely experiences. He can even tolerates the presidents Cheetoh-colored twitter fingers. But he can’t tolerate racism, a president’s reckless tweets and only getting 23 carries in three games.

He reached a breaking point, as any of us would.

Peterson, a back who had a tendency to get stronger with every carry, isn’t getting any touches because he’s a running back in Sean Payton’s offense. Does Payton even know Peterson is on his team? Could he pick him out of lineup? I’m pretty sure the first time they met was when Payton was getting cussed out by Peterson in Minnesota.

At this point All Day has to be thinking, “If I can’t get racial justice, can I at least get the ball on fourth and goal?”

No, no you cannot.

You got a better chance of convicting a cop for shooting an unarmed passenger on BART. Or convicting a cop for shooting a 12 year old. Or convicting a cop for shooting a surrendering jay walker. Or convicting a cop for shooting an unarmed suspect after he was caught declaring he was going to kill him and planting a gun at the scene. 

Payton believes in running the ball like I believe in the American justice system to protect my black ass.

Peterson is so fed up with the whole situation he said this to reporters after the game. Peterson’s internal monologue has been bolded for clarity:

“I know my guys and how we view what’s going on here in the United States, and when you think about the Pledge of Allegiance, (We need to be pledge allegiance to giving me the goddamn ball) ‘One nation under God, indivisible,’ you think about the values we stand for. (They wouldn’t do me like this in my hometown. You know I got my own holiday out there?) Here lately, those values have been questionable (Like our offensive play calling) in a lot of different areas. So just, showing our support and get back on track.(Make the running game great again ) There’s a need for a change (The Saints have been systematically discriminating against ball carriers since Lincoln signed the 31st amendment) .” 

How much can one man take? How long before Peteron’s internal monolouge becomes external and he starts talking to Payton and Drew Brees like an angry black parent? How long before he tells  Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael to go get a switch out the back yard?

(Lord Have Mercy if Carmichael comes back with a small branch. That’s a goddamn death sentence. And he better not cry or All Day gonna give him a reason to cry)

We at Suitsand40s wish Peterson the best of luck in his search for justice. I will join Peterson in protest by kneeling during all short yardage situations knowing that me and Peterson have the same chances of getting a carry.


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