Mayweather robbed you again, didn’t he?


Floyd Mayweather letting you take one last look at your money before he makes it monsoon at the strip club.

Let’s be clear on one thing: Floyd Mayweather did not give you a better fight than you expected, he gave you a longer one.

The interest around this fight hinged on Connor McGergor’s power being the great equalizer. An equalizer that would cancel out the fact that he’s not an actual boxer.

While only one of the three judges at ringside gave all four of the first round, I can’t think of a greater indictment of McGregor’s punching power than the fact that Mayweather stood there in front of his best shots for the opening 12 minutes of the bout and got hit with maybe two or three jabs that were worth the inflated crowd reaction the Irishman was getting.

Despite not being active with his hands, Mayweather was active with a feet in a way fight fans have not seen in years. Pretty Boy Floyd’s first four rounds were a defiant march directly into the cross hairs of an opponent who, like himself, looks to counter punch.

By forcing the hands of McGregor, Mayweather was engaging in a much less painful version of Muhamad Ali’s rope-a-dope. Only instead of almost getting his ribs broken by George Foreman, Mayweather mostly shook off the punches that did land and blocked the one that didn’t just long enough for someone with questionable cardio to start breathing heavy by the middle rounds.

By the 10th round Money Mayweather was starting to live up to his name for my sake, just in time to make my bet on the fight going less than 10 full rounds look like a good investment.

The first knockout victory by Mayweather since he knocked out Victor Ortiz almost six years ago, combined with the McGregor lasting almost the full length of the fight tricked people into thinking McGregor had performed admirably and that they got their money’s worth.

You dumbasses that bought the fight should have known what time it was when ya boy walked to the ring with a ski mask on. Ya’ll was about to get robbed again by Stickup Boy Floyd.


Last time someone wore a mask like that on my TV their voice was distorted and they were chopping up coke on A&E.

This should have been his entrance music because he’s been robbing you mothafuckas since the slave ship.

Normally, Mayweather robs you of your money by going up against someone with superior punching power, which at this point is almost anyone, and puts on such a dominant defensive performance that his opponent just stops throwing punches because there are no openings.

This time, he robbed you of your money by walking down an opponent who didn’t have the boxing IQ to not keep throwing punches when there were no opportunities to score and didn’t have the stamina to keep throwing his hands at Mayweather’s guard.

Mayweather saved his best for last. Not his best boxing. His best heist. Because his strategy to win took 10 rounds when everyone expected it to be over in less than six, people really felt like the $100 they paid was worth it. Mayweather-McGregor robbed you by lowering your expectations and Mayweather tricked a casual boxing audience into making it look like a close fight when it was never close.

In the end the pay-per-view audience just accepted the high ticket price and forked it over without much of an argument. Ya’ll saw Mayweather promote this fight and threw the bag out the window like it was Omar coming.

(Side note, the reason I get to sit on my high horse about this is because I found other means to take in the bout. Shout out to the illegal streamers on Twitter. Ya’ll was doing God’s work that night.)

I hope everyone who paid for the fight still has some money left over to pay for Canelo-GGG fight in a few weeks. That should ┬ábe better than this since its between two guys who have actually boxed before and doesn’t have as much potential to set off a race war.


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