Ya’ll gotta chill on Sidney Crosby


Its that time of the year again. The snow is melting, the birds are singing and I, once again gotta throw my cape on for Sidney Crosby.

For those unfamiliar, Crosby is Bizzaro world LeBron James in that he does all the cool LeBron stuff but does it on skates and is as white as the ice he skates on. And even though both these rat bastards screwed over my teams when they were on the verge of championships, the LeBron hate, like the Crosby hate, is never actually in line with reality.

The latest example of course comes from the backlash Sid the Kid has received for accidentally chopping a man’s finger tip off. I know it sounds bad when I say it like that, but check out the video of the slash on Marc Methot before you rush to judgment.

Actually…yeah, dawg that looks pretty bad when they zoom in and you can see it up close.

Ronnie Lott probably doesn’t think its a big deal, but fans are kinda heated about the way Crosby is just out her confiscating finger tips. Fan reaction is one thing, and I’d expect to get in a snowball fight with Satan the day fans from the other 29 NHL markets  outside of Pittsburgh didn’t descend upon us to deliver the hot take that Crosby should be suspended for multiple games.

But I was caught off guard when front office dudes jumped in on the act.  Senators owner Eugene Melnyk was talking real reckless, stuntmen, when it came to the finger-destroying incident and pointed out that there may be some kind of double standard when it comes the way Crosby avoided suspension.

And why the fuck shouldn’t there be different rules for one of the most recognizable faces in the game?

Look, Methot is a solid defenseman and any team in the league would be lucky to have him as half of their top two blue line parings. Methot is having solid year with a plus/minus of 12 and has blocked 77 shots in 68 games.  But the country is just learning this dude’s name for the first time after something gruesome happened to his hand. In the great words of 2 Chainz, they in the same league but they don’t ball the same.  The NHL has had a terrible habit of overreacting to injuries and failing to separate the action that led to the injury from the severity of the injury itself. If the star power of Crosby finally got them to lean away from overreacting to a freak gruesome injury, then I’m cool with that.

Part of the reason Crosby’s disciplinary action is being debated is because the slash that chopped Methot’s finger off is one of the most common play in the game. I’m pretty sure that’s the standard slash Canadians get when someone tries to cut in line when they’re waiting for coffee at Tim Hortons. It’ll be years before someone loses inches off their index finger because of a stick check gone wrong like that.

The fact that his hand may be permanently disfigured  is unfortunate. Over reacting and handing out a multi-game suspension because the injury looked gross would be an unfortunate and gross miscarriage of justice. The miscarriage of justice wouldn’t be as gross as Methot’s finger hanging on by a thread but still, pretty gross.


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