Dear Doc, Let J-Crossover Loose

Dear Doc ,

I know you had a plan going into this season. I know that plan probably involved lots of CP3 and DeAndre pick and rolls, isos for Blake to show off how hard he’s been working with KG, and a few plays for J.J coming off of a couple screens. That plan is no longer feasible. Without CP3 most of these actions will be difficult to get going.

The roster you are stuck with is one that will have its struggles putting up points, but I think I have a solution: start Jamal Crawford.


But Jamal just passed Magic on the scoring list.

Just imagine it. Iso after iso. Letting him break down other team’s best defenders. The pull up jumpers as he works his way to elbow time and time again. Don’t tell me you haven’t imagined it.

I know playing bring your kid to work day has been fun. Watching your child grow under your own tutelage must warm your heart in a way that I can’t imagine. But having your kid and  Raymond Felton starting games isn’t cutting it. Seriously, you landed on Felton? The stocky guy? The professional athlete who said he was tired of being called fat? This is what you choose over the original Slim Reaper?

I’m sure your first inclination is to say that the advanced stats indicate that Crawford is the worst guard playing for the Clippers this year not named Alan Anderson. Felton and Rivers both have better PERs, Win Shares, and Plus/Minus numbers. Crawford also has the worst shooting percentage and more turnovers but is still given a higher usage rate.

But here are some other numbers. Look at these numbers Doc. Look at them. 

31:24 +9.4 0.0 -20.3 +.107 -3.1 -4.7 -.062 +.099
37:51 -1.1 +0.6 -6.5 +.039 -2.4 -3.5 -.041 +.030
Numbers courtesy of Basketball Reference

One of these is the lineup you are currently starting. The other is the lineup of Crawford, Mbah a Moute, Jordan, Reddick, and Blake. One of these looks to be a little more effective than the other… and one of these is the lineup that you are starting.

One of those lineups has faced more opposing teams starting lineups than the other. I get it. But I still think that it is worth taking a look at. Crawford just seems to make the starters better (when accompanied by Mbah a Moute). I know that small ball is hot right now and a three guard lineup is poppin'(your pieces line up much better than the  Suns a few years ago), but what is the regular season for if not experimenting with lineups?

What about creating trade bait?

It’s always better to get rid of somebody early than late. Maybe playing J-Crossover as a starter will drum up some interest among some teams looking for a veteran guard? Maybe get a solid defensive backup for Jordan instead of watching Mo Buckets try to be athletic and ultimately fail? The Sixers seem to be wanting to get rid of Jahlil or Nerlens. Just a suggestion.

I really do not care how you justify it, but please just do it. I need to see as many vicious pull-up jumpers from this man before his body inevitably breaks down.


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