Still Chillin in Dub Nation

I wouldn’t call French Montana the voice of a generation or anything but as a Warriors fan, I really ain’t worried bout nothin.

I don’t even have the vocabulary to tell you how not worried I am about the Cavs evening  the Finals but, I’m straight chillin. As a matter of fact, to drive home the point as to how unconcerned I am here’s a picture of how I’m feeling after the Warriors dropped game two at home.

What you wont see in this picture is my concern that LeBron can win a title by himself

What you wont see in this picture is my concern that LeBron can win a title by himself

Look at how much chill is in that photograph. Normally I don’t like to be photographed when I’m more than two weeks removed from my last hair cut but my squad is about to win an NBA championship in a week so I don’t even care that my line up ain’t the sharpest.

Whenever the Warriors lose this season one of my favorite activities is to make a list of everything that went wrong and determine how likely it is that those factors are going to become ongoing issues. Below is the list of everything that went wrong for the Warriors to lose game two:

Curry is  5-23 from the field from the field and two for 15 from distance

The Warriors were whack from beyond the arc as a team shooting 22 percent

Mathew Dellavedova looked like the Australian Gary Payton on defense

The Cavs got the Warriors to slow down their frantic pace, limiting points off the fast break

The Cavs outscored the Warriors in every quarter except the fourth.

The Warriors were guilty of all this fuckery at home, where they normally win.

As you can see from the list above, beating the Warriors requires several things that almost never happen to happen all at once. And even then, it takes over time to finish them off. The only thing that went right for Warriors is that LeBron had a really inefficient night while scoring 35 points. No one on that team is a consistent scoring threat to beat you every night outside of King James. James will get his points and hope that Iman Shumpert is feeling his jumper or that JR Smith is on a hot streak and giving the opposing defense the pipe.

The reality is, the Cavs aren’t even the best team the Warriors have faced in the playoffs. I would argue that the Grizzlies and Rockets are both better teams than the Cavs without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. The Grizzlies obviously presented the most match up problems with their inside scoring and perimeter defense but Steve Kerr found was to adjust. Thats when we saw Andrew Bougot gaurding Tony Allen. One of the most emasculating things I’ve ever seen on the black top was when we were playing with this kid who couldn’t shoot so we didn’t guard him and laughed every time he missed his wide open shot. I feel bad that we clowned that boy like that but when Kerr made that defensive adjustment I laughed at Allen the same way I laughed at that kid that was bricking on every shot he took.

Even though that Grizzlies team is not at all constructed like this injury plagued Cavs team, that adjustment shows the Warriors’ ability to adapt their game plan. The Cavs found success with Dellavedova guarding Curry and I expect to see more screens to get Dellavedova off of Curry and on to Klay Thompson in game three. I’m sure David Blatt was great in Europe, but this year he hasn’t even been the best coach on his own team. Remember when Blatt drew up a play where LeBron was supposed to inbound only to be quickly overruled? Remember when Blatt tried to argue a foul call and got pushed aside by the real coach?

LeBron could actually make a good coach some day but him having to take all the shots, make all the passes, get all the rebounds and outcoach his own coach is gonna make it real difficult to out coach Kerr who created the we-dare-you-to-shoot defense.

You’re also not gonna see Curry shoot that poorly the rest of this series. What Cury did on Sunday night was thoroughly sad. Dellavedova was all up in his jersey but Curry should be used to that by now. Curry making those circus shots isn’t a fluke, his poor shooting in game two was. He’ll be back and I’ll be yelling “STEPH CURRY WITH THE SHOT BOI!!”, every time he drains a three. (I hope everyone in the Bay Area is ready for 0 to 100 to become the theme song of the summer after the Warriors wrap this up)

I don’t plan on watching too much ESPN between now and game three. I don’t feel like hearing everybody who said the series was over back peddle like cornerbacks just because the team that was destined to win one due to the greatness of King James, actually won one. The things that made the Warriors great and the Cavs incomplete are all still there. The Cavs have been average at best defensively and put on a great defensive performance. The Warriors are great shooting team with the best shooter in the world and couldn’t hit their shots.

Game two was weird but it doesn’t change that one team is clearly superior. And that’s why I’m chillin with sunglasses on inside with unkempt hair; because the Dubs are still gonna win this in five.


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