If you think the Rocky franchise didn’t get played out at the end, you’ll enjoy this

Juan Manuel Marquez v Mike Alvarado


Juan Manuel Marquez’s last win got me feelin some type of way.

I’m not really hyped for a potential fifth installment of the Many Pacquiao Juan Manuel Marquez rivalry but it may be the best fight available for the 40 year old. When I heard that the winner of Saturday’s fight between between Mike Alvarado and Marquez would probably face Pacquiao I reacted like a child who was told that they had to eat all their vegetables before they could leave the dinner table. Even seven-year-olds know that broccoli is good for them but at that age vegetables are gross and they will stay gross no matter how many times your mom tells you it’ll help you grow up to big and strong. Likewise, I don’t really give a damn about Marquez’s rivalry with Pacquiao anymore. I don’t care how many times the boxing analysts tell me about how their respective styles makes for one of the best match ups in any weight division a fan could ask for. I don’t want to hear about how either one could get a surprise knock out of no where. (As much as I am bored by the idea of seeing this match up a fifth time I’d like to congratulate Pac Man on getting up after Marquez knocked him out last time. He didn’t get up in time to keep the internet from turning him into one of the best sports memes in history.)

I don’t need another 24/7 series about how both of them still have so much to prove. Neither of them have anything to prove. They are both great fighters with Pacquiao being just a little bit better overall.

The only really compelling thing to come out of a fifth fight between these two is the drug test results. No one should be jumping to the conclusion that Marquez is using performance enhancing drugs yet. But there’s some evidence against him being clean and its not a good look. I really want to dismiss the, physical signs, the resurgence of power late in his career and the fact that his trainer has already been caught distributing PEDs but the last time I did that was in 2007. Turns out the arguments for Barry Bonds being clean while breaking the home run record and Marquez being clean the past two years are pretty similar. Hopefully it won’t get to appoint where we look at the acne on Marquez’s chest and wonder why it was unbelievable that he was clean. Best case scenario is we get to make fun of him for him for hitting puberty in his early 40’s.

The Pacquiao camp putting him through increased drug testing aside, it seems clear this fight is going to happen. And that’s a shame since there are several other attractive option that we are not going to see.

Ruslan Porvodnikov aka someone who looks like they're not afraid to die

Ruslan Porvodnikov aka someone who looks like they’re not afraid to die

Look at this guy. Not only dose he look like the type of guy you don’t want to see in dark alley, he probably walks through dark alleys just to see if anything pops off. He probably has a training regiment that involves getting into drunken bar fights grizzly bears. (I assume that in Russia bears just kinda walk into bars and everyone just casually continues to drink their vodka.) He punches so hard he gave Tim Bradley a speech impediment for months after their fight. The upside to fighting Ruslan Provodnikov is that we already know how this fight is going to end: someone is getting knocked the fuck out. It could be Provodnikov getting out boxed by somebody with superior counter punching skills. Or it could be Provodnikov landing one of those slow Debo power punches that sends Marquez flying across the ring like he asked for his bike back.

(Either way it would be more exciting than a potential match up with someone like Brandon Rios. Rios, who is calling out Marqueze for some reason, is like one of those NFL teams that looks really good against teams like the Jaguars and Browns and then gets murked by the Patriots. He’s the Miami Dolphins of the Welterweight division)

He didn't get that crown for his technique

He didn’t get that crown for his technique

In speaking of rematches I don’t want to see Marcos Maidana fight Money Mayweather again either. Maidana needs to bring his reckless ass style into the ring against Marquez. This match up presents similar elements of style to the potential fight with Provodnikov. Maidana is one of the bussiest fighters out right now. He tired a bit in his last fight but still managed to throw 858 punches in 12 rounds with Pretty Boy Floyd. I like watching Maidana box because I’m not entirely sure he knows how to box. He throws hella punches. None of them looked like they were taught to him by a trainer. He just be in the ring having flash backs to when he used to fight in the streets. And from what I can tell, it seems like he used to win a lot of these street fights. No one you scrap with on the streets is gonna be ready for 858 punches. Since Marquez loves to counter punch seeing him go against someone as active as Maidana could be fun. Not $65 on pay-per-view fun but more like, find an illegal stream once the main event starts fun.

Still serving a suspension for beating up a Mexican in his last bout

Still serving a suspension for beating up a Mexican in his last bout

He’s the “Can Man” anybody can get it and since he should probably shut the fuck up with all the talk about fighting Pacquiao he can settle for the next best thing. Also, since he just beat the fuck out of a Mexican when he fought Carlos Molina he may want to see if he can duplicate the result against a big name fighter. I’m biased on this one. I consider Broner to be my spirit animal. I think his level of arrogance is inspiring. Sometimes I quote him to remind myself how good of a writer I am. (“I’m the can man, any blogger can get it,” I say to myself as I walk to the computer with Kendrick Lamar performing Backseat Freestyle along side me as my personal hair brush man is there to make sure my waves are on point.) Suits and 40’s needs to launch an investigation to find out why the  dude who’s brushing Broner’s hair has the nappiest hair in existence but I digress. Broner has some serious ass hand speed and his defense isn’t bad. If he increases his punch output he could give Marquez a fight worth watching. Its always interesting to see which counter puncher pushes the action and since Broner models himself after Mayweather it may actually be Marquez that pushes the action.

But, whether we like it or not we’re getting part five of a good yet tiresome rivalry. There are other fights on the table but the fight we get later this year will guarantee at least 800,000 pay-per-view buys. Marquez is too smart to turn down easy money like that.


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